70s Costumes

70s Costumes

The 70s were considered a fun time, still in the aftermath of the peace-and-love era of the 1960s, full of new music and an energetic attitude toward life. It is no wonder, then, that many people look to 70s costumes when Halloween rolls around or when they are invited to a costume party. These costumes are colorful and fun, and you can find inspiration pretty much anywhere.

For many in their 20s and 30s, you can rummage through your parents’ old clothes and find some gems that are perfect for all your 70s costumes. Bell-bottom jeans, flowing shirts with bell sleeves, straight-silhouette babydoll dresses, v-neck flowing shirts, polyester upon polyester, leather with fringe – these are all great examples of items you can find to build your costume without costing you a penny.

Thrift and consignment stores are also often treasure troves for 70s costumes. This will also keep your cost down, and perhaps you can even find things you’ll wear regularly! Retro is always in style. Just put these items together with some big hoop earrings, or carry around your old acoustic guitar, and you have an instant 70s vibe in no time.

Be a go-go dancer! Costume shops always carry vinyl boot covers that you can put over your shoes, then pull on a daringly short dress, tie your head in a big scarf or bump up a bouffant with a headband, and you’re all set. For men, pull on some bell-bottom pants, wear a deep v-neck shirt or leave your button-down open to your navel, tie a bold scarf around your neck, and call it a day.

Or, you can take a cue from pop culture at the time. One of the most obvious: “Star Wars”! Men can put on an open-necked khaki shirt, a black vest and black pants, and carry around a cardboard-fashioned laser shooter, and instantly become Han Solo. Women can tie a brown wig up in some over-the-ear buns and wear a loose white dress, and be Princess Leia. Simple! And of course, there is the more elaborate but ever-popular “Slave Leia” costume with the gold bikini. A bit harder to come by, but well worth the effort.

Three women can get together in fitted 70s costumes and be Charlie’s Angels, and men can go all-out and transform themselves into The Village People. Then there’s always Debbie Harry, Farrah Fawcett, Pam Grier, Sonny and Cher, Michael Jackson, David Bowie, and many more. Films like Almost Famous, Big Fish, Edward Scissorhands, and Forrest Gump are all ripe for the picking.Whether you go the simple and iconic route, or choose something from the media or pop culture, you have infinite options for your 70s costumes.

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